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What To Do If You Find Wasp’s Nest in Your Home

Summer is filled with many wonderful things such as lazy days on the beach, evenings spent in the garden and lots of al fresco dining, but it also brings some problems.

One problem that many homeowners experience during summer is the discovery of a wasp nest in their home. A mature nest in your home can contain thousands of wasps that will easily sting if they have been disturbed.

pest control company sussexWhile you may be tempted to deal with the unwanted houseguests yourself, it may be on the safer side to give pest control Sussex team Terminate a call for support in removing the nest.

Signs of Wasp Nests

Seeing lots of wasps inside your home or garden will be the first indicator that you may have a nest. Wasps nests are usually found in sheltered places.

This means that they are commonly found in attics, sheds, wall cavities, and under eaves. If you see a lot of wasps, trace them to the source of the problem.

What Do Wasp’s Nests Look Like?

Wasps make their nests from saliva and chewed pulp, so they have a paper like look. The nests look like thin paper lanterns and more mature nests will look thicker and have a slightly pointed bottom.

You will also notice large hexagonal open combs and a stalk from which it hangs, making them look a little like an open umbrella.

The Difference Between Wasps and Bees

It is important to understand the difference between wasp’s and bee’s nest since it is illegal to treat a bee’s nest. Bees are protected insects as they are vital for the environment and as a result must not be mistreated.

pest control company sussexBee’s nests are usually smaller than wasp’s nests and will be in more private areas such as inside tree trunks or an old rodent nest.

If you are worried about the presence of a bee’s nest, you should talk to a local beekeeper who can move the nest to a more suitable location for a fee.

If you want to hire expert advice on this matter, pest control Sussex team Terminate will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Professional Wasp Control

Once you have traced the wasps back to the nest, it is important to advise your family, especially young children to stay away from the nest as they can sting several times. It is vital that the nest is treated carefully and quickly to reduce the risk of being stung.

If you are unsure as to whether you have an active wasp nest in your home, you should invest in a professional pest control team in Sussex.

Terminate Pest Control is the best pest control company Sussex has to offer and we are here for all of your wasp and insect infestation needs. Contact one of our experienced team members today for a swift resolution to your problem.

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