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Vermin Fumigation CornwallAn invasion of rats or mice is a nightmare for every householder or business owner. Vermin carry diseases such as salmonella and E-coli in their droppings and urine and they contaminate food. They also have sharp teeth and love nothing more than chewing through electrical wires and cables which can be a serious fire hazard. For most of us, the mere sight of these creatures sends us into blind hysteria, but in the food industry, an infestation can have major implications for your business.
So how do you get rid of vermin?

Here’s a look at some of the methods that are used.



Vermin Fumigation CornwallRat poisons usually consist of either, bromethalin, high dose vitamin D or anti-coagulants. They take a few days to work and make for a slow and painful death.
Rat poisons are highly toxic and if ingested by other animals or children, can be life-threatening. It’s not a good idea to have exposed poisons lying around your house.




Bait is placed in the back of the unit and once the rodent enters, they are electrocuted and killed in seconds. The trap only works for one rodent at a time, so it can take a while to get rid of them all, considering there may be hundreds hiding under the floorboards. Electronic traps are also the most expensive type.


Vermin Fumigation CornwallThese traps aren’t that effective and the snap device can also injure pets and children. Again, it will only trap one rodent at a time, and doesn’t guarantee to kill them instantly.


Basically a cage with a drop-down shutter than will trap the rodent without harming it, so you can release it in a safe environment. If you release it too near your property, it could come back.



Not always effective as rodents often manage to escape. Its also the cruelest method of vermin control. The idea is to throw away the trap and the attached mouse, leaving the creature to die of hunger and thirst.



Professional Help

Vermin Fumigation CornwallFor fast and effective vermin extermination, it’s best to call in a pest control company. They have experience using bait, rodenticides and vermin fumigation methods to eradicate the problem without the risk of danger to your family or employees. They can also inspect your property for possible entry points and advise you on prevention methods.
To prevent further infestations, seal entry points, keep food in sealed containers, clean up spills and crumbs and put rubbish in closed outdoor bins.
For more information, contact Terminate Pest Control, Cornwall.

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