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What Are Vermin?

When you think of vermin the first things that spring to mind are rats and mice. However, a range of pests are considered vermin.

Dictionary definitions range from ‘wild animals and parasitic worms and insects believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals and game’ to ‘carriers of diseases’ and ‘noxious, disgusting small sized creatures that are difficult to control.’

The term vermin is derived from the Latin word ‘vermis’ meaning, ‘worm’. The expression was also coined in the 16th and 17th Centuries as a derogatory way to describe poor people and beggars. Vermin is still used today to describe a vile or obnoxious person.

Although a pest control company can’t help you with the human variety, the following types of vermin found in the UK can be eradicated and controlled with professional help:

vermin control cornwall


The kings of all vermin have got to be rats and mice. Through their urine and droppings they can transmit nasty diseases including Salmonella, Weil’s Disease and E-Coli. Rodents will eat anything including left out food, packaging and even electric cables and wiring.

If you spot one rodent, you can be sure there are many more in the vicinity, so they’ll need to be eradicated professionally.


These small, scuttling creatures carry a number of diseases and can also trigger asthma attacks. Like rodents, an infestation can be catastrophic for food industry businesses.

Cockroaches enter through drain pipes and cracks. Once they’re in they can reproduce very quickly. Most over-the-counter remedies are ineffective, so you’ll need to call a pest control company to get rid of them permanently.


These tiny, wingless, blood drinking parasites move from animals to humans by jumping.

They are usually brought indoors from the garden by pets. Fleas lay their eggs in animal fur and can cause health problems for both pets and humans such as tapeworm, dermatitis, typhus and in past times, bubonic plague.

vermin control cornwall

Bed Bugs

These tiny creatures look like flaxseeds and can be found in bedding where they can survive for up to a year.

Their favourite hang outs are mattress seams and suitcase linings so they are a particular problem for places that have a high turnover of ever changing residents such as B&Bs, hostels and student accommodation.

Although bed bugs don’t transmit diseases, they can give you a nasty bite which forms a red, itchy lump that can become infected.

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