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Summer Stings

My husband plays cricket, in fact he lives for it and this wonderful summer weather has fuelled his love of the great British sport even more. Don’t get me wrong, despite this ‘third party’ in our marriage, I’ve enjoyed all the sunny Sundays, picnicking on the green of some of England’s most beautiful village grounds and stately homes, enjoying a gossip with all with the other ‘WAGS’ whilst trying to maintain a suitable level of interest in the game.


Of course there’s always the trusty cricket pavilion to escape from bad weather or too much sun; this structure usually consists of a charming enlarged shed placed at the edge of the cricket pitch, usually with a bar area, changing rooms and a kitchen where the traditional half-time cricket tea is served up, usually consisting of cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls and the obligatory Victoria sponge.
After the match, much beer is drunk over discussions on bowling or batting tactics and at the end of the day the bins are usually overflowing with scraps of food and empty cans or bottles, a veritable feast for pest and scavengers.


One particular cricket pitch, recently played, we’d arrived early in our camper van to a disproportionate infestation of wasps, due to a backlog of rubbish left over from a mid-week friendly. There was even a wasps nest being busily constructed under the guttering of the pavilion. My husband was very concerned about this as he reacts very badly to insect bites and can swell up like a balloon from a wasp sting.

Heatwave Bites

The world’s ecosystem need insects for various reasons. Many of them feed on other animals and humans, who are an easy target as they’re relatively hairless. According to the NHS, due to the heatwave this summer, there’s been a record number of calls to their helpline regarding insect bites. Apparently due to rising temperatures there’s been an increase in stinging insects including wasps and horseflies. Other ones to look out for are mosquitoes, fleas, midges, horse flies, mites, bed bugs, lice and ticks.

Highland games

There are plenty of horror stories of people contracting tropical diseases on holiday, such as Malaria or Dengue fever, but with the ongoing heatwave cooking up the British Isles, there have been some disturbing stories on our doorstep, including a friend coming back from a family holiday in the highlands this August with lyme disease, contracted from a tick. Waking up in her tent one morning, she noticed what seemed like a dark mole on her thigh and tried to pull it out by twisting it, which apparently one should never do, only pull upwards in one steady movement to remove the whole insect and avoid leaving any body parts that can infect the targeted human.
Insects such as midges and ticks are harder to control but managing infestations such as wasps, ant and bees nests are easier, but it’s important to call in a pest control expert as soon as you spot the issue.

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