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Seagull City – Brightons Noisy Flying Pests

Brighton is a thriving city and currently has a growing population of 273,369 and that’s just human beings. The other growing inhabitants are seagulls. Seagulls, as we know don’t just populate the seafront but maintain communities inland where foraging for waste is easier as residential areas often have more to offer.  There are very mixed views on our winged neighbours, some Brightonian’s love them and have a romantic view of these traditional seaside mascots, even feeding them from their rooftops or back yards, and encouraging them to thrive. Others abhor the noise and intrusion in their neighbourhoods and try installing deterrents to keep them at bay. However we feel about them, they can cause all sorts of damage.

Fake it

On my street in the Porthall area of Brighton the seagulls rule. They seem to love the roofs of the tall Victorian terrace houses, the majority of which have been converted to dormer loft

-rooms, giving them a wide, flat area to stomp around and cohabit. Indeed, sometimes when I’m trying to have a lie-in on a Sunday morning, it sounds like they’re walking around in very heavy wellington boots up there! My neighbours have a whole family of seagulls living in a giant nest between their chimney pots whereas my other neighbours, Susy and Stuart have installed a huge plastic effigy of a bird of prey on the highest part of their roof which seems to have stopped the  nesting but not the communing.

Seasons Greetings

Things get particularly noisy during nesting season, from September through to March, followed by the rearing of the chicks and then an even more deafening happening, when the fledglings are ready to leave the nest and commence a course of flying lessons. This happens at the very early hours of the morning when seagull parents will show their youngsters how its done and loudly encourage them to shuffle to the end of a ledge and go for it. During nesting time, gulls can become very aggressive and territorial especially when they have chicks in the nests. If you are having issues, nests can be removed under a General License.

Looking Up

Francis and Lindsay’s roof terrace in the Montpelier area had great potential. For a whole winter, after moving into their two bedroomed maisonette they still hadn’t used it, mainly due to the other messy feathered inhabitants who’d been using the space as their own communal club room and toilet. The gutters were cemented with years and years of bird waste and the walls and floors decorated with several layers of white seagull graffiti. It was what could only be described as an almighty mess. After having it cleared, at a great upheaval, they needed to prevent it from happening again. Terminate Pest came to the rescue, efficiently fitting netting and spikes to prevent gulls accessing the roof terrace and re-nesting.


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