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When To Call A Sussex Pest Control Company

No one wants to think about pests in their home, but it can happen to anyone. Pests are persistent, and will take any route into your house.

pest control sussexThe best way to deal with an infestation is quickly, and before it becomes out of control. Here’s when you’ll need to call in pest control, Sussex based.

Where Pests Can Get In

Pests can get into your home via a variety of ways:

– Through pipes: Pipes are an easy shortcut into your home, especially in the kitchen, where many pipes are gathered together.

– Cracks: Even the minutest cracks in your home can give a pest entry. If you see any cracks in your wall, it’s in your best interests to fill them in quickly.

– The garage: Your garage can be a great place for pests to gain entry. It’s warm and sheltered, and there’s not as much footfall here as the rest of the house. Pests in your garage aren’t an immediate threat, but it can be an indicator that you have a problem you need to address.

Warning Signs Of An Infestation

The best thing to do is be vigilant against infestations. If you see any of these warning signs, you’ll need to call your local pest control East Sussex based.

– Listen for noises: Pests can be quiet, but they’re not silent. The best time to listen for them is at night, when they’re most active. Listen to the walls, and the ceilings if you have an attic.

– Smells: Pest control Sussex based businesses often say that the first sign of an infestation is a musty smell. This is most often found in kitchens, where the food supply is abundant. They say that it often smells like a dirty rabbit’s hutch.

– Damaged furniture: Rats in particular are terrible for gnawing on furniture, as they’re dealing with their ever growing teeth. Check the legs of furniture in high-risk areas. If there are pests, there will be bite marks.

– Droppings: These are the most obvious sign. Pest control West Sussex based say that some droppings are more obvious, such as rats and mice’s leavings, but others aren’t as clear. If you’re finding droppings that look like coffee granules, for example, then that’s a sign you could have cockroaches.

When To Call In Pest Control Sussex Based

pest control sussexIf you’ve seen any of these signs, or even if you suspect that you could have an infestation, then it’s time to call in the experts. Pest control operatives can identify what’s caused the infestation, and remove it quickly and easily. It’s best to call sooner rather than later, before it gets out of hand.

Who To Call

If you have an infestation, call us at Terminate Pest Control Sussex. We have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of infestations. Get in touch with us and we’ll work to make sure your home is yours and yours alone again.

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