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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Eradication

bed-bugsAs we travel more, we are increasingly at risk of bringing bed bugs back with us to our home – and once there they can be an annoying and difficult problem to eradicate. They can be a problem in high density accommodation, such as student housing, meaning that your student can return home with more than just a pile of dirty washing!

Terminate pest will work with you to ensure any infestation is tackled effectively and safely. Bed bugs carry a bit of a stigma but an infestation is really no reflection on your level of cleanliness or housekeeping. They require professional help to eradicate and our best advice where an infestation is suspected is not to delay in asking for help – the quicker you act the better.

Our primary method for eradicating bed bugs uses super-heated dry steam. This kills the bugs on contact and will also kill the eggs. This treatment allows the room to be re-occupied immediately, as there will be no insecticide residues.

Contact Terminate Pest Control today if you suspect you have Bed Bugs in the home.

Commercial Accommodation Bed Bug Eradication

Bed Bugs can be a nuisance for your guests and damaging to your business reputation. Terminate will work with you to ensure effective treatment with minimal disruption to your business – allowing everyone to sleep better!

We have extensive experience throughout Cornwall and Brighton, both of which have high volumes of accommodation providers as well as student accommodation.

Our Commercial Service:

Terminate carry out a thorough survey of bed bug affected rooms, followed by a complete treatment of all harbourage areas. We DO NOT advise that you attempt to eradicated bed bugs by yourself. Delay of effective control measures can allow bed bugs to multiply, making eradication harder and a lengthy process and ineffective measures can disperse bed bugs in adjoining rooms, again increasing difficulty in achieving eradication quickly. Please call for more advice.

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