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Preventing Pests From Entering Your Home During Winter

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Preventing Pests From Entering Your Home During Winter

24th November 2017

How to Prevent Pests Entering Your Home During Winter Winter is well and truly on its way, and while your mind will be preoccupied with thoughts of Christmas and cosy nights in, it is important to think about how to protect your home from pests. Just like us humans, pests do not always like the […]


pest control company sussex

What To Do If You Find Wasp’s Nest in Your Home

17th October 2017

Summer is filled with many wonderful things such as lazy days on the beach, evenings spent in the garden and lots of al fresco dining, but it also brings some problems. One problem that many homeowners experience during summer is the discovery of a wasp nest in their home. A mature nest in your home […]


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Top Tips For A Successful Rats Removal

17th October 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Removing Rats From Your Home No one wants to think about having rats in their home, but it can happen to anyone. The best thing to do is be prepared. Here’s everything you need to know about how rats can get into your home, and the best way to […]


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Do You Require A Pest Removal Company?

6th September 2017

How Do Know If You Need A Pest Removal Company? Nobody wants to think about pests making themselves at home in their house, but it happens to the best of us. You may think you have pests, but you’re not sure. They can be very sneaky, and can’t tell if there’s a serious problem or […]


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When To Call A Sussex Pest Control Company

26th April 2017

No one wants to think about pests in their home, but it can happen to anyone. Pests are persistent, and will take any route into your house. The best way to deal with an infestation is quickly, and before it becomes out of control. Here’s when you’ll need to call in pest control, Sussex based. […]


flea treatment cornwall

Flea Treatment Cornwall

2nd March 2017

A Brief Guide To Fleas The UK is experiencing a subtle climate change, which is good news for fleas. Warm, wet winters followed by summer heatwaves offer ideal conditions for these blood-sucking parasites to thrive. Although their natural habitat is outdoors, fleas are carried inside by pets and people. Once inside a centrally heated house, […]


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Vermin Control Cornwall

3rd February 2017

What Are Vermin? When you think of vermin the first things that spring to mind are rats and mice. However, a range of pests are considered vermin. Dictionary definitions range from ‘wild animals and parasitic worms and insects believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals and game’ to ‘carriers of diseases’ and ‘noxious, disgusting […]


rats removal

Rats Removal In Your Home Or Business

31st January 2017

Facts About Rats They’re dirty, disease ridden vermin that live in sewers and are responsible for de-populating most of Europe in the Middle Ages. Who doesn’t hate rats? Their reputation is so bad, they could immediately close down the business of a Michelin starred chef and reduce even the toughest of hard men to a […]


Pest Control East Sussex

5th August 2016

Most Annoying Summer Pests Summer is a time of outdoor entertainment: BBQs, lunches in pub gardens, picnics on the lawn and children playing outside until dark. But as much as we love eating outdoors during the summer,  our activities also attract a number of annoying summer pests such as ants, wasps and flies. Here’s a […]


Seagull Proofing

28th July 2016

The UK’s Growing Seagull Problem Seagulls are large and aggressive and have always been a nuisance in coastal areas. These scavengers will do anything to find easy food and often flock around dump sites, fishing harbours, piers and beaches. In recent years, they have also begun to make their way inland and can now also […]


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