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Spring Pests

Spring is finally here! But longer, warmer days also mark the end of the hibernation period for many pests.
Nest building, egg-laying; it’s a busy time for pests so immediate action is necessary to nip problems in the bud!
Here’s a guide to the most common Spring pests and what you can do to stop major infestations happening before problems augment over the Summer months.


Ants aren’t just a problem in the garden; they can also invade your home. Ants love sweet, sugary foods and once a colony has been built they can present a major problem, not only in domestic kitchens but also in the food preparations areas of pubs and restaurants.
Popular nesting sites are lawns, under paving, in flower beds and at the base of walls. Interior nests are difficult to find. Ants can get into foundations and cracks in the walls, so you’ll need a professional to inspect, treat and eradicate the colony.

Pest Control East SussexWasps

At the beginning of Spring, queen wasps come out of hibernation and are ready to find the ideal place to build a new nest. Unfortunately for domestic properties, the perfect place is often your loft space, garage or garden shed. The queen begins by attaching the first part of the nest onto a solid and sturdy foundation such as a wooden rafter or the corners of soffits and fascias. Once the nest-building is in progress, she’ll begin to lay her eggs.
Some nests are difficult to notice as they can be tucked away inside soffits or wall cracks. A professional inspection and eradication treatment will be needed. Don’t attempt to remove a wasp nest yourself; it can be dangerous and the process needs specific insecticides and protective clothing.


Cockroaches are particularly busy during the Spring. They can transmit diseases so should be dealt with immediately, especially in kitchens and food preparation areas. Hygiene is essential to keep them at bay but they are notoriously resilient so complete eradication needs the services of a professional pest control expert.


Pigeons and gulls spread diseases and can cause a great deal of damage by defacing buildings. Their nesting period begins in March so professional proofing should ideally be carried out in early Spring. Spikes, post and wire and netting for larger properties can deter the birds from building their nests, forcing them to re-locate.
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