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A Brief Guide To Fleas

flea treatment cornwallThe UK is experiencing a subtle climate change, which is good news for fleas. Warm, wet winters followed by summer heatwaves offer ideal conditions for these blood-sucking parasites to thrive.

Although their natural habitat is outdoors, fleas are carried inside by pets and people. Once inside a centrally heated house, their eggs can hatch more quickly and they grow into adults sooner.

If you see any fleas on your pets or soft furnishings, it’s more than likely you’re already facing a flea infestation.

Here’s a brief guide to fleas, and how to rid your home of this itchy and irritating problem.

Signs To Look Out For

If your pets are constantly scratching, check their fur. Brush back their coat and check for active fleas or tiny black specks which are flea droppings.

Fleas aren’t fussy, they’ll happily suck on human blood too. Common bite spots are around the lower legs and ankles. Flea bites are typically, small, red spots that are intensely itchy.

You may even see fleas jumping in your carpet. If this is the case, you’ve definitely got an infestation, and should instantly seek flea treatment services.

Once you’ve got fleas, they can be pretty hard to remove completely. The best solution is to call in a professional pest control company who will treat your home with specialised insecticides. However, you should also carry out these self-help flea treatment steps.

A Doggy Bath

Give pets a thorough bath using an anti-flea shampoo or a natural product such as eucalyptus oil.

Use a flea comb (like a lice comb) to get rid of eggs and droppings.

Fit a flea collar to prevent further infestations.

flea treatment cornwallSpring Clean

Machine wash all pet and human bedding on the hottest wash cycle.

Use your pet’s treatment shampoo to clean upholstery.

Vacuum carpets again and again. You can also spray the carpets with specialised anti-flea solutions. A natural solution that many swear by is to sprinkle carpets with salt, then wait 2 weeks before vacuuming.

Tidy The Garden

As the natural habitat of fleas is outdoors, it makes sense to give the garden a good tidy. Keep lawns regularly mown and rake up any leaves, clippings and debris. Treat soil with non-toxic natural insecticide sprays, especially areas that are accessible to your pets.

Professional Help

Fleas are notoriously difficult to remove, so the best solution is to call a professional pest control company who can exterminate the problem and give advice on further flea prevention methods.

For further advice on our flea treatment Cornwall services, contact Terminate Pest Control Cornwall today, or visit us online to see our range of flea extermination services.

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