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Ant Intruders

Whilst we are enjoying this wonderful hot Summer of 2018, we’re all inviting more pests in to our homes by either leaving our back doors open to our gardens or patios, also leaving our windows open to help circulate air and cool down our living spaces. You have probably noticed flying insects finding their way into your rooms, or the occasional beetle or earwig. It’s ants however, that are the most relentless, as once they discover a route into your home, they’re capable of maintaining that pathway and as a team of soldiers they do it with such tenacity and determination.

Ant Armies

The problem with ants is how to work out the source of these marching armies, as they will most definitely be infiltrating your home or your business premises in order to feed a nest or colony. Therefore Its important to find the source in order to stop the intrusion.

Ant Invasions

 An extreme example was a time when my Mother called me to say that her conservatory had been conquered by a massive carpet of flying and soldier ants, obviously disturbed by something to make them evacuate their nest which was clearly situated under her floor.
The floor was crawling with a sea of black creatures, the lower layers taking the weight of a blanket of shimmering silvery wings. It was a terrible shock and something that she says, makes her skin crawl when she recalls it.

I remember at the time how hard it was to get hold of a pest controller to deal with the issue as the usual boiling water trick wouldn’t have sufficed in that instance. Since then, I’ve heard of several stories of ant invasions, especially in this heat. Usually the marching row of army ants, finding their way from the outside, across the window ledges and skirting boards, forming an orderly line across door frames and kitchen counters to access areas such as bread bins or trash cans. These small creatures may seem harmless at first, but allowed to thrive, they will multiply and invade.

Commercial Premise

If you own a commercial premises like my friend’s coffee shop in Brighton and happen to notice a few ants appearing on the counter, its even more important to seek professional help. Karen found herself apologising profusely to a dismayed customer, who’d ordered a muffin with his Americano and found a couple of these persistent insects, already exploring her plate.


Its important to remember that ants will colonise and once they have done so, will not let up. Its important to find out the source of the colony, if the nest is located beneath foundations and walls its important to seek expert help in order to take control of the source and therefore take control over the colony. Its very important that when seeking out help and advice in these instances, to choose pest control professionals, such as Terminate, that have extensive experience of providing safe insecticide use on both domestic and commercial premises.

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